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Why SafePages?

For newbies who don't know what a SafePage is, it's basically a legit website or blog which you add to your Social Media account. This so-called SafePage is what all the manual ad reviewers get to see when you advertise.

Why Our SafePages?

New Content

Weekly new content updates to keep your safepage alive and kicking.

5 Different categories

Choose out of health & diet, sport, news, tech and business in which choose a safepage.

Great Design

All our SafePages have a great design, you will also receive a logo and banner for your Social Media accounts.

Installed Directly On Your Server

We build and QC your safe sites directly on your server saving you time so you can launch right away and make more money!

Save time and never look back at the SafePage

In the Affiliate Marketing Industry, it's all about automation and saving more time because we all know time is money. We know how much headache it is to make a good SafePage and we know how much more time it consumes to update it with new content on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore we provide SafePages, made with a great designed logo, in 5 different categories to choose from and with a great designed layout. Our SafePage will be updated weekly with content so your SafePage will always stay alive. We provide the SafePage URL's and you just add it to you Social Media account and focus on what you do best.

Send a message and we will reply faster than you think!

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We from BannersLanders believe in systems and saving time..

Based in the city centre of Budapest we focus a lot about creating simplicity and time management. Where can we save more time so we can work better and faster is always our Monday morning question to the team. This is how BannersLanders started. We've tested it ourselves many times and want to share our value and time saving tool for the affiliate marketing industry.

Bulk discounts are available for super affiliates!

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