Safe Sites Creation Service

100% Original Content,   WordPress CMS Based, Completely Hand Made Safe Sites for Affiliate Marketers that want peace of mind from the evil manual reviewers.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, consider yourself a novice, or you are super affiliate – you will agree that it is getting harder and harder every day to make some serious money.   Competition is getting fierce, new policies, advancement in detection algorithms make it more and more difficult to do what was easily possible a year or two ago.

It’s no longer possible to just redirect a reviewer to someone else’s page and call it a day.  The built-in detection inside Facebook App, also browsers like Google Chrome pass redirection back to Facebook/Google and get accounts shut down instantly.

This is where our hand made safe sites come into play;  we build custom websites based on WordPress CMS that feature real physical locations,  real addresses, real phone numbers reviewers can call if they want.  They can verify everything and it will all check out.  In addition, our safe sites span a vast array of categories and niches, so there’s no footprint.   Our unique content ensures that all the safe sites can’t be detected by a simple duplicate content checker and look not only amazing to the manual reviewers, but they also are believable so they pass the tests.

This service is highly recommend if you do any kind of cloaking, because as you already know raising accounts and keeping them alive is getting harder and harder.  You don’t want to get banned fast, you want to maximize the spend on each account – and our safesites can help in this regard with their high quality.

TLDR version on our safe site service:

-100% original content
-unique themes and plugins footprints
-custom niches/industries to eliminate similarities
-real address, phone number, and google maps listings
-monthly update packages available if needed
-based on word press CMS

Bulk discounts are available for super affiliates!

For personalized service,  Miro is standing by 24/7 via skype:  miro.netmarketing

Alternatively, you may email