160×600 Banner

Also known as “wide skyscraper”, this banner size is only suitable for one position, and that is along the page sidebar. If used where appropriate, with the right graphics and for the right purpose, it can be extremely eye-catching and effective, but cases of unskilled implementation of this banner size are anything but rare.

Deciding when to implement a wide skyscraper banner is not as straightforward as it may seem. On one hand, you get all the room you need to present your case and provide a stunning graphic that is sure to be noticed, but on the other, these banners can take away some of the attention from the content of the page, and present you with other layout based challenges.

A skilled designer will know when the page can be outfitted with a wide skyscraper banner, without it disturbing the balance of page elements, preventing the users from enjoying your content, or simply being too bulky and distracting.

We have formulated or taken part in more than enough campaigns to be perfectly competent to judge whether a wide skyscraper banner is the right choice for your page, so if you want your marketing campaign to reach new heights, feel free to contact us.

The skyscraper banners will improve your traffic flow ratio with emphasizing your brand and the product you deliver. By keeping it simple and clear, with the correct advertisement psychology expressed through colors and shapes, your ad will certainly stand out from the background and grab the attention of any possible visitor. With a call to action, subtle or not, your audience will identify with the message we send their way and respond to your call.

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