468×60 Banner

Often mis-referenced as “the banner,” this type is reserved strictly for computer based browsers, and it is the most common type of advertisement you may find on the internet, but still, as effective as any other. Generally, you will find a 480×60 banner at the bottom of the page, just beneath the content. We will share a little secret with you why is this so!

These types of full banners are used for incremental revenue. With this little bad boy, you are adding on awareness of your product, website, service, and because of their conclusive nature they are leaving a strong impact on the visitor. Of course, due to its small size, this banner is recommended only for simple and short messages. Most websites will offer this space rather than any other, so don’t neglect it, even if you don’t love the proportions.

Use this space smart and make a short but imperative call for action for your target audience. It may be a straightforward design, but just because it’s not colorful and large it doesn’t indicate that it will go unnoticed. In fact, people who are constantly online will statistically pay more attention to this banner than any other.

We make sure that every pixel of your ad is used properly, and our designs are always of high quality, no matter the size. With the right symmetry, inviting and appealing silhouetted shapes, your audience will feel compelled to click your ad. We are fully aware of the purpose and possibilities of the banner ad format and positioning, ensuring that your traffic flow remains constant.

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