How to Make a Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.
March 14, 2016


Before starting any project, the first thing people often do is analyze what others have done before him, what’s the current industry norm and How is everyone solving the issue? Ok, let’s narrow down our focus on designing a landing page that drive results.
After specifying your landing page goal or objectives, next thing you can do is check out how other designers are achieving these goals and how you can use them in your design process.
We all have our go-to places for landing page design inspiration but if you are looking to expand beyond that, check out some of the best sources, we have listed below:

1. Crayon

Crayon is like the Wikipedia of marketing design, created by John Osborne & Jonah Lopin. They have a huge collection of design components not just landing pages, approximately 18 million real marketing examples. Next time you start a design project, start from Crayon first.

2. LandingFolio

LandingFolio is a categorized landing page design gallery created by Danny Postma. One of the best features of LandingFolio is how you can filter the landing page design based on the category you are looking for.

3. Lapa

Lapa is a gallery for landing pages created by Tinh Nguyen. You can filter the designs by category and if you want you can submit your landing page design using this form.

4. Land Book

Land Book, a landing page design gallery created by Dawid Liberadzki, Konrad Księżopolski and Marcin Wieprzkowicz.

5. Call To Idea

Call to Action is a neat & organized gallery of various design components.


Httpster a design gallery where you can filter the designs either by category (music, news) or by type of style (minimal, dark).

7. Behance

An online portfolio for design professionals owned by Adobe.

8. Dribbble

Dribble, a name that needs no introduction. A platform where design professionals share their creative works.

9. Pinterest Board

Although most people don’t think of Pinterest as a resource for gathering design inspiration but if you can type your search queries right it can take you by surprise you with its vast amount of visual collections.
If you have any favorite sources of inspiration, links or suggestions let us know in the comment below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to stay informed.


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