March 14, 2016
Decide where to show your Facebook ads with Placements
March 14, 2016


Feels like you are doing all fine, you are doing all the updates on your Facebook page but it seems like your fans are not really getting the interest to like what you’re doing. You successfully gathered a number of fan for your Facebook page however it seems so quiet. Not a single fan is posting any comment on what you are sharing. Do you know what may be the reason behind? It might be that you’re not doing the proper ways on how to encourage conversation on your Facebook page.

Running a Facebook page is fun if there’s a conversation going on between you and your fans. Posting something that is related on the page for time to time is required. But it’s still not enough. Conversation and interaction of your fans can lift up your Facebook page. Encouraging a conversation is not that hard. The people who liked your Facebook page want a conversation too and encouraging them to do so is one way to fire up a conversation.

If everything you post are not working to encourage a conversation, try these effective tips:

  • Share prompt posts. Give some cues or questions and ideas that will prompt fans to engage on a conversation with you. Make sure that is still relevant in the page. Furthermore, you can make the conversation more enjoyable by giving fun questions and trivia.
  • Give reward or special offers. Most Facebook users like pages which they can gain something, either through rewards or learning. If your Facebook page can give rewards or give special offers, then you will be able to have something that fans of your page to look forward. They will also be more active to join in the conversation and also share your page to the much larger audience.
  • Understand your target fans. In order to encourage your fan on a conversation, you must know who and what kind of people your fans are. Know why they like your page and understand them so that you will know what kind of posts and conversation you are going to start.
  • Always participate in the conversation. Don’t just make post and updates. Just reading the comments sections is just not enough. You should always participate in the conversation. Reply to your fans if they have inquiries even if it is a hate comments or good one. Make your page always active so that the page will not be buried by other pages.

Encouraging conversation on Facebook page is really easy. Once you started using these helpful tips, it will be fun. Keep in mind that in order to have a good relationship with your fan then you must interact with them, have conversation with them so that you will understand them and will know more on how to improve your page. Reaching out with your fans means also showing your concerns and efforts.

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