Why a Safe Site?

A safe site helps your ad accounts last longer because it shows compliant page to the manual (human) visitors coming to review your ad account by hand. Super affiliates all use safe pages to run ever green campaigns with added success.

Why Our Safe Sites?

100% Original Content

All our safe sites feature 100% original content that will look natural to search engines.

Made by Hand

Your safe site will be created by hand, no automation or shortcuts will be taken to ensure it has a truly unique footprint.

Any Niche/Vertical

We know that the manual approve team is getting smarter, that is why can create a safe page in ANY niche or vertical to minimize the chances of getting your account flagged.

Installed Directly on Your Server

We install and QC everything on your server to save time and enable you to launch faster.

Make More Money with Our Help

Affiliate Marketing is getting harder and harder. Gone are the days of the one man army; now you hear about big success but also about the teams behind it.

Building a safe site is no walk in the park, in fact it's very timeconsuming requiring full focus, and dedication to craft a website that looks as real as any other authentic company website.

It requires that you know how to use Photoshop/Illustrator, how to code CSS,HTML, Javascript, how to work with CMS programs and also register domains, setup hosting and more.

You shouldn't waste many hours building a safe site when we can do it for a fraction of what your time is worth - time you could be spending on high level thinks that will help earn your $XXXX more per day!

Our safe pages are built by dedicated safe page creators; they do only one thing each day - and that is hand build safe sites that pass manual reviews like clockwork.

It's real easy to order, you contact us, get us the domain and we do the rest. It is that easy!

Have questions? We are online right now!

Contact us by filling the form on the right and we will get back to You in a few minutes!

*HUGE discounts are available for bulk orders!

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