The newest services of Banners&Landers includes everything from complete new store setup to copy writing product titles and descriptions. We do all the labor intensive tasks, so you can focus on buying data, optimizing and scaling your products.

Forget about wasting time on setting up new products; don’t bother adding products in yourself – let us do it for you so you can do the part you enjoy the most, buying traffic + making money.

-Complete Ready to Go Shopify Store Service is only $600.

-We can write unique titles/descriptions for your products for only $0.05 cents per word.

-We can add new products you want to test for only $5

-We can organize your existing products into collections and categories for only $2 per product

-We can create custom newsletters every week, every month, on special holidays, for special events to get you more ‘backend’ sales starting at $50 per newsletter including the copy.

-We can create a custom maintenance package to suit your needs, priced so well you won’t ever bother wasting your time on these mundane, boring tasks.

Order now.

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