Our Story 

How Banners & Landers came to be. The long story.

Hello reader, my name is Attila or better known as iAmAttila, the affiliate marketer. When I got into paid ads in 2013 I knew I was not going to be able to tackle this new challenge by myself. So I decided to hire a full time front end developer.

I knew I wouldn’t have enough work for my new designer. It was time to use what I learned from a great book that was recommended to me by Jason Akatiff, owner of A4D. The Lean Startup, that was the title of the book. In this book, one of the key takeaways is to work on a business model that’s sustainable.

I wanted to be successful and earn money from affiliate marketing, and knew to do so I needed a team. They would crank out landing pages, ad creatives and I’d launch campaigns.

My only worry was that I had limited funds, and didn’t have access to any credit cards or credit. (They don’t hand them out like in the U.S.; they are actually hard to get in Europe). I needed the funds I had to fund the media buys, the paid ad campaigns.

Luckily I had some experience up my sleeve! I owned and operated a successful copy writing company under the name Content Pimp. I knew that people needed services, now it was time to adjust my business model and cater it to affiliates

I started writing down, what kind of services do I use the most myself.

  • Landing page ripping and cleaning
  • Banner ad design

Then it hit me, since affiliate marketers need banners & landers to launch campaigns. Why not name the new company Banners & Landers?
This is how Banners&Landers was created out of straight necessity to solve a problem. I followed what I learned in The Lean Startup, created a sustainable business model.

Now 6 years later in 2020, here we are. At the time of this writing, Banners&Landers has employees in 4 different countries. The top programmers, designers, copywriters all coming together in perfect harmony. Affiliate marketers benefit, because as the industry changes we update our services.

Since affiliate marketing is what we do everyday, we understand the industry. We know why affiliates need landers to look a special way, we cater to their unique requirements. Nothing is frowned upon. We make things happen, we are reliable.

Changes are constant, and unlike freelancers Banners&Landers is always in the trenches. We know what’s happening. We know how to respond by creating new designs that meet policy requirements. We support affiliates in their quest to test new stuff. We won’t waste your time, we just get it done.

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